BRM (8-12-93 / Colorado)

Missing You Like Crazy

Missing you like crazy

I’m alone in my room thinking of you,
and how you’ve been gone
for way to long.

My heart is aching and my soul is lonely.
Where have you been?
Its been so long since I’ve talked to you.
So long since you’ve held me in your arms.

I feel an empty hole in my soul,
and friends sit and try to fill it up with words of kindness.
But they can’t realize that it is only you
who can make that hole disappear.

And my mind falls into this place,
where there are never ending thought of you and me.
And I think to myself, “why do I miss him so”.

I am missing you to the point where
my mind is being twisted
and my soul is full of rage and craziness.

My thought are full of bad and good.
Thoughts of what we’d do if you were here,
and thoughts of you never returning.
And I keep telling myself: ”he is coming back”,
But still my heart refuses to believe it.

Come back please.
Come back soon.
Come back safe.



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