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Missing You Part Ii: Seventeen Days Past
SC (November 13,1992 - / )

Missing You Part Ii: Seventeen Days Past

Poem By Stephen Carey

The time is up,
It's spent,
It's gone,
There is none.
What is this?
I'm yet to see you.

I have asked you to wake me
When my wait would be over, and it is.
The days have sure passed,
And here I am, awake,
But who was it that woke me?
It wasn't you.

Each night,
As I slept on that forsaken couch,
I would cry,
On account of your absence,
Then rejoice,
For I held you in my arms.

And though I slept,
I was the last awake,
Never getting a wink,
Awaiting your return like a sailor's wife,
Faithful in waiting
And watching for your ship, each day and night.

Yes, and as I've waited,
I've become acquainted with Insanity,
My pencil dulling,
My wit diminishing.
Yes, I'm losing my mind,
Please come home!

I miss you, love,
Every aspect of your light.
I miss you, baby,
And all your childish manners.
I miss you,
Please come home!

You said you would be home by now,
I've held your word dear,
But it seems you have not.
I want to be with you again,
But it seems you do not.
Am I still asleep?

A day is like a thousand years,
A thousand years is like a day.
It is like an eternity,
The time you've been away.
The pain I have felt!
I've missed you so, each day!

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