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Missing You Part Iii: Eighteenth Day
SC (November 13,1992 - / )

Missing You Part Iii: Eighteenth Day

Poem By Stephen Carey

I feel I have had a bad day.
I shouldn't, I mean
I saw you for the first time in eighteen days.
I stared at the back
Of your head for a couple hours.
Why do I feel so bad?

I watched you sing and twirl your arms.
It was lovely, and you didn't embarrass yourself
Like the others, no,
You're not like the others.
They, at least, talk to me, anymore.
Are you teasing me?

I stopped and watched you walk by,
You looked straight into my eyes, but
You walked away
Like you didn't care,
And you said nothing.
Oh, that hurt!

You were close to me.
My little brother said,
'Here's-' pointing to me,
But you interrupted,
'Yep, ' and you walked away.

Have you forgotten me?
Have you forgotten us?
Are you playing games with me?
I'm not having fun.
I finally saw you again,
But I miss you as much as yesterday.

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