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Missing You So Much
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Missing You So Much

im missing you so much
everyday i drop
in a puddle of tears
you say i make you hurt
you say i caused you pain
as your giggling with a smirk
im very sorry if i did
don't know what i did
i don't understand
the hurtful words you said to me
i was always there for you
i always fought for you
your the one i committed to
i didn't want you to walk a way
with only a look and nothing to say
i looked at you as you walked away
you didn't turn around
you didn't kiss me goodbye
you didn't hold me for one last time
you didn't say comforting words
and you made no sense as i saw your eyes
they told me you moved on
they told me you had to leave
i told you i loved you
i told you i would miss you
you just looked down at the ground
then turned and walked away
i wanna give up
i wanna give up on love
the only thing i have to think about now
is the best times i had with you
calling me your number one
wanting to just hold me tight
wanting to run miles to say i love you very much
i thought there was something about us
that would make us last forever
4 months of loving
4 months of having you
then that all faded away
wanting to call you now
easter day is calling your name
telling you i need you
telling you i miss you
need to tell you how i feel
being friends hurts to much
having all these memories fold up and burn away
i miss you so much

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I really liked this poem, I can tell all of this came from your heart. At times love does hurt so much you don't know what to do.