**missing Your Marine**

To have him so far is something so hard,
But what I feel for him is special and true,
Its the love that I have opened to share.
Although some times my heart longs for him,
I know will be reunited soon.
His hugs, kisses, and affections I truly miss,
But his soft embrace I mostly miss.
Oh how I long to have him near,
So I shed my tears on the pillow as I rest,
And left with an empty space right next to me.
With only memories of us and a picture of him to keep me company.
But so I've heard that loving him will be a high price to pay.
As to loving a Marine is the hardest thing to do.
It's being alone with nothing to hold,
It's being young, but feeling old.
It's sending a letter with the stamp upside down,
To a far away love, in a far away town.
It's going to church, to kneel and pray,
And really meaning the things that I say.
Weeks will feel like months, and months like years,
And I'll have to wait for the day I'll have no more fears.
Days will go by slowly - and many will pass,
The MArine Corps will keep him busy all day and sometimes even nights.
Loving a Marine isn't much fun,
But it will be worth the price when the battle is won.
So I'll love him and miss him and hold my head high,
Be strong and have faith - wipe that tear from my eye.
My man is a Marine, like those who have gone before,
It's a high price to pay but besides that I'll stay by his side.

by Cherokee Lady

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