Has anybody seen my mouse?

I opened his box for half a minute,
Just to make sure he was really in it,
And while I was looking, he jumped outside!
I tried to catch him, I tried, I tried....
I think he's somewhere about the house.
Has anyone seen my mouse?

Uncle John, have you seen my mouse?

Just a small sort of mouse, a dear little brown one,
He came from the country, he wasn't a town one,
So he'll feel all lonely in a London street;
Why, what could he possibly find to eat?
He must be somewhere. I'll ask Aunt Rose:
Have you seen a mouse with a woffelly nose?
He's just got out...

Hasn't anybody seen my mouse?

by Alan Alexander Milne

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What is the woffelly nose?
It is very difficult to write a poem or story for children, they squirm after a few minutes of sitting politely. Milne is a master of the art of writing literature for children
Could be he was eaten by a cat. Nice piece
Could be he was eaten by a cat. Nice piece