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Mission 995

Successfully discover a new species of fruit from ‘planet kiwiwinana’.

Report to Captain Ahppalle:
Our spaceship, karrot 2-9-9, was severely damaged on our landing.
We hit something sharp from below
Her system is currently in shutdown mode
We may need to terminate the mission.
The sensors are picking up vitamins A, B and E from beyond our buhtroccoly barriers.
I’m going to investigate...
Private Maangowe.

Report to Captain Ahppalle:
The planet, ‘kiwiwinana’, has no visible fruit forms so far.
Nutrition detectors have burst
This earth has a carpet of tough damson skin
We can use to patch up the remaining holes.
I see something in the distance and its spiky, round and ruby red, gathering speed towards me... abort transmissions!
I’d better go back inside...
Private Maangowe.

Report to Captain Ahppalle:
Those ‘creatures’ that approached me earlier are, in fact, quite gentle.
Their spiky cases are just armour,
They thought we were dangerous,
They have taken them off.
So, really sir,
With pearly, stretched skin and a single milky eye they seem truly harmless without their protective, wood-like shells.
Species name: ‘Lychees’...
Private Maangowe.

Report to Captain Ahppalle:
They are the ‘fruit’, sir! A batch of living, breathing, thinking, juice cells!
They have led me too their master,
Is named ‘King dragoon Froohoot’.
Or so,
My fruit-flanslator says.
And then I saw,
‘His’ regal cloak of luminous pink, that clashed beautifully with this thin, white face which was peppered with dark, black freckles.
But he was so... great...
Private Maangowe.

Report to Captain Ahppalle:
I have rested in this queer chamber for at least 4 and a half, hours.
The ‘Lychees’ have started to make some noises.
As if they are screaming in protest.
What is causing them distress?
Oh no...
My avacadoh-alarm is repeating ‘PREDATOR AHEAD! ’ which can only mean one thing to my knowledge...
We must be under attack...
Private Maangowe.

Report to Captain Ahppalle:
We have lost at least 12 Lychees from the attack of the ‘Quarter-melon’.
Without my help, I think none would have survived.
It was my Plum-gun that stopped the monster in the end.
Now, all are safe.
They are so timid and they did not have a weapon to spare between them. So, I had to help them escape it.
Their persistent terror has ended...
Private Maangowe.

Report to Captain Ahappalle:
The karrot 2-9-9 has rebooted herself and we are travelling back.
After all that adventure I cannot concentrate.
I have one more surprise for you.
Was given a present of gratitude from the king.
It is a new fruit species named ‘The Star’
It looks exactly as the name describes it: an emerald coloured stars from the planet ‘Kiwiwinana’.
Thank you for this wonderful experience...
Private Maangowe.

Mission 995: Accomplished

Written 25/11/08 - Age 13

by Jodie Rose Coates

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