I never thought that this time will come.
A memory that's hard to forget, sticks like a gum.
I never imagine how things come to this point
And hard to accept, I'm in my breaking point.

One day I ask HIM, 'Why is this happening? '
And later on realized It's just a beginning.
HE gave me 'this' for me to be stronger.
To pass the test, to reach my old laughter.

I hope that time will pass faster.
Like I'm riding in a fast roller coaster.
A kind of it which has a lots of ups and downs.
To surpass the challenge in a strange town.

I know that things will get more complicated
It's all my fault, I'm the one who started.
But I know it will not come to an end.
If I don't fight with it until the end.

by Vanessa Jade Ferranco

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