Poem Hunter
(July 7th 1988 / Lima, Ohio)


A phone call is how it would all start
just sitting by the computer alone in the dark
it would ring and I would ponder as to who
even though I could guess who
a friend and a request was all that was there
so I left to help him in his despair
to arrive for a party which I had never done before
it was something new, but really nothing more
There is where I met her for the first and last time
I doubt I'll see her again, and it should be a crime
Her seeming innocence is the first thing that grabbed my attention
Little did I know it was nothing but an affliation
Four of us there with not a care in the world
but to be happy, we toasted and drank the night away
to find ourselves in a tub of over a hundred degrees
and a childish game is what there would be
A dare fulfilled leaving a smile on our faces
I looked into her eyes, searching for all the right places
as we finally decided to rest on the couch,
a fool I was, and ever such a slouch
Her lips were my bane as we ticked the hours away,
I mistake would escape my mouth,
just in time to ruin the day
I ruined everything I had built and it felt like a curse
was I dumb for thinking this would ever really work?
An empty soul is all that's left,
I'll be alright, just remembering her last breath,
for she stole my heart in only a night,
but I'll be stronger because of it,
not giving up my romantic fight.
-Dying Romantic 11: 59 December 18th 2006

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