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Mistaken Identity
KB ( / Detroit, Michigan)

Mistaken Identity

i am a woman of many things
my style is rare
dare not compare
me to others
especially your previous lovers
my attitude is bold
with me the truth is always told
what can i say for you
see it was me that called
you had no clue, what so ever, at all
you thought it was her but it wasn't
you said auntie maybe next time you'll try cousin
what i know to be a fact
is that love is a act
i have no time for a simple man
you know, one that doesn't have my best interest at hand
i need someone i can trust
being straightforward is a must
i need someone that's real
that actually cares about how i feel
you call yourself the boss
well baby it's time to pay the cost
true love might have found you at last
but it has now come to past
good luck with your future
good luck with the other
see i'm in a better place
getting my ears, neck and ring finger laced

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