CGT (February 11th,1988 / Killeen, Texas)

Mistaken Love

I was your best friend.
I cared so much for you
Look at everything now
How could you do this?

Remember, you also chose
to be in the relationship
just as much as I did.
Can I ask you why?

Three days later, you
create a lie. This lie
is why we remained us.
Do you know this much?

You told me I was your love
and your best friend too.
For this, I 'took you back'
Was it a game to you?

You wanted to love me
but I already loved you.
For this you felt guilty
Why couldn't you tell me?

You told me you were ashamed
For this you were not blamed
Now it is just a big lie
Are you ashamed of it now?

You gave me all these signs
I saw every one of them
But, I loved you so much
Did I want to see them?

You had to teach yourself
But, I loved you naturally
It was never a task for me
Did you ever love me?

I thank you for all of this
I learned what it was like
to love, and feel loved
Was your end ever real?

I do not believe that it was
For this you should have told
Then I would've seen it sooner
Why did I never see the truth?

I gave my heart to you
Only to have it broken
Yet, time always heals
How long must I wait?

We always joked about
who loved who the most
I see now, I always won
Ask me, do I love you now?

(August 18th,2006)

by Christopher G. Turner

Comments (3)

Fantastic poetry here
So much emotion. Who knew you were so very deep? ;)
that was...brilliant. i loved the last line, 'ask me, do i love you now' -jennifer