'I' makes mistakes and keep making on.
Where were my intentions or where have been gone.

'Mistakes could be improved, if it hits on heart'.
But I think 'I' has lost that art.

Chances were there, but I was lethargic to grab them.
Which filled sob in my heart because didn't know how to stab them.

Tried to catch, which was dropping down.
Without hardship, no one could have the king's crown.

Made worthless effort or something worthy it was.
It seems easy but life is actually cinders path.

I have to walk through, on those hard ways.
After a dark night there are blessing days.

I should wait for the Sun, to shine.
Which 'I' messed, to correct them and to refine.

After making a mistake one gets a lesson,
If positivity reflected on its reaction.

Get lessons but don't repeat them all,
To make mistakes isn't life's Goal.

-Samar Sudha

by Samar Sudha

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mistakes teaches one plenty of lessons...... humbly accept oneself that we have made mistakes.. Ask the Lord God for forgiveness, learn the lessons well and never repeat it again.. very nice poem. you are teaching us the readers great morals....... thank you dear poet.