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5 Months..
its been fun.
sweet and nice.
couple rough patches here and there.
nothing we couldnt fix..

here i am.. today..
i finally realized..
i went to far..
i kissed another girl, willing...
how foolish of me..
i threw away something good..

but i reflect.. on what has happened..
what lead me to that..
she wasnt anything special..
she wasnt.. that unique..
but i cheated.. with her..

maybe.. it was.. that your never around, when i need you..
and she was..
maybe.. it was the fact that.. we went out for so long..
we're at the hugging stage.
we moved no where..
we just stopped and stared..

i wanna fix it so bad..
i wanna.. remove all the things i've done.
even though.. we never kiss..
i just wanna be with you..

my actions.. have done me wrong..
my regrets...
sorry's wont help..
over and done with..
its another scar upon these arms..

by Dislocated Heart

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