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What are the words to say?
The road to take to get you back to me?
What wishes do I make, I don't care, it could be a trillion.
Are you telling me that they'll never be a you and I again?
That the most recent chance I had with you was the last.
People make mistakes.
I'm not perfect.
No one is.
You didn't even give me a second chance.
I know I did wrong.
I just want another chance.
Another chance to prove my undieing love to you.
You're not even listening to me.
You're drounding me out with the words of the mistakes I made.
You've made mistakes too.
But you're too good to own up to your mistakes.
I'm dealing with mine by having to live without you.
All I ever wanted was a second chance, because I do love you!

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Tear jerker for sure...I wish you well.