Daughter & Son

Once a hot head now a cool demeanor
I see my eyes in her, my daughter
He mimics my reflection, my son
Two distinct personalities altered my reality
The responsibility of being their daddy
Not just a title but a life long challenge
Of which I shall embrace at an educated pace
Advising them to think before reacting
Leave the acting to the actors
Be all that you aspire to be, believe in self
Preserve mental wealth
I’ll instill motivation for you to carry on through life
Receive your education, stand alone, don’t be a follower!
Like a processor to a computer calculate every action
There will be haters, let them be your inspiration
Never pay the price for someone else’s judgment, at the end you lose!
Real friends cheer your elevation at every level
They will not see you crumble
We’ll help you orchestrate the puzzle

Ackroy Lashley (C) 2009

by Ackroy Lashley

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Soooooooo true! ! Some mistakes you can never fix. Keep writing! Brian