Mistakes Are Expected To Be Made

Would it be worth it to reverse and redo,
Those mistakes I've made along the way?
For purposes to correct,
What today I am better to convey?
With a maturity that is assured.
And with a humility I've learned to display?

Many times I have thought about this.
As I reminisced those lessons,
I should have grasped but dismissed.

And IF it was a possibility,
To correct and perfect my blemishes...
Flaws and imperfections,
Others inspected and criticized!
My life would not be as fulfilling.
Since my time would be occupied...
With making excuses and creating alibis.
And I would have been limited to sit in fear.

And I thank God,
It was not the fear of obstacles...
That have kept my steps blessed.
It was faith and prayer that made me aware...
I was just one of many artists,
Assigned to do my part...
To add onto this living canvas,
We've come to call life to live and give.

And mistakes are expected to be made.
With attempts in the wrong direction,
Only God forgives if we ask of Her or Him...
Or Both,
To be forgiven!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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