TTO ( / Washington State)

(((Mister Ed)))

It was brought to our attention yesterday-
Because to us it pertains...
Your poetry or lack of words...
Have-indeed-left many stains;

And an impression on some: 'in the know'...
Who deemed we should be told...
So glad that we have true friends out there...!
'Cause this world is getting really cold;

Now keeping track of words you've said or blank pages-
In a hyperion sorta way...
A horse is a horse of course-
And the scars we bear are from yesterday! ;

The Garden Of Eden is gone in your world (Blacked Out)
While July third is still a mystery...
But its been brought to attention and received questionable mention...!
'Frankly'-it may go down in the annuls of history! ;

May 18,2010

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