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Mister, Mister
JL (October 16,1989 / Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)

Mister, Mister

Poem By Jennifer Lujanac

Excuse me, mister.
Have you seen the children crying?
I'm sorry to be a bother, mister... but
Have you seen the people dying?
Golly, mister, how can you be so secure?

There is war and there is pain...
And you just watch it rain.
You hear about it on your radio, you see it on your television.
You know, mister, that the Earth is crying.
Mister, don't you see the mothers mourning?
Oh, mister, mister! It's misters like you that shame all the rest.
The planet is full of
Misters, mothers, brothers daughters
And oh! they're all just like you.
Don't turn away, mister!
Don't pretend that it's okay, mister.
Oh, mister, mister, what is the world coming to? ? ?

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