"Mister Wind"

"Mister Wind", don't be so mean. Slow down and be cool.
We know your strength and how cruel you can be! "Mister Wind."
We know no man can retain you, or even enclose you in a bottle,
nor hold you in their hand.
You have been bad and built your own reputation. You
"got it" "Mister Wind." You are very rich too! You can go places
no man can go, any place on the Earth.
And no man dare to ask you to pay a fee! You are bad we know.
You can make the sea flat as glass or make it a raging
mountain. "O yes you are bad, "big time!"
You can travel as high as you wish. Planes and rockets,
balloons and jets can't reach your abilities to climb.
You are bad, bad to the bone, and speaking of bones, you
can make a cold day very bone chilling, if you so desire!
"Mister Wind." Yes we have heard a lot of talk about you,
How you have torn down huge buildings, uprooted trees, too
large to be cut down. You are bad! But you're cool too.
You help to carry seeds all over the world, to replenish
the lands, so the habitations might live. And "so much" more,
you do that's good, "Mister Wind."
So go on, with your endless life, go on , do your own thang!
Your own thang! "Mister Wind" "you're bad." "Mister Wind'
"Mister Wind"

by Kelvin Broadwater

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