Misters In Washington

What do you want mr. Washington

can it be

that war was your energy

because if you ask me

what I would

like it to be

I'd ask you: is war not an enemy

of mankind

then after all the blood is shedered

what is left behind

a woman that cries

a child without father

and men miss their brother

is this the product of your energy?

This is

the place of state

I would like to hate!

But if I hate

as an ordinary mate

I couldnt be better than an angry man

I wouldn't be better than

the one who hate

and proclamate


please my soul wouldnt be as good before

and if the soul is not as good before

blood and brothers infront the door

war is to kill

and what is left is a hill

of skulls and bones

of men of thrones

of kings and crowns

for what practice this could be

all for the pressure of men with their money

is life so serious and not that funny

that you command

on an council stand

So mr. Washington do you see

(I have to ask you polite and kindly

if war was the key to your energy)

war is not a good thing to be

then war is hate

and if you hate

you dont love

and all all above

is war

the place of state

as it was before

love is the place of state

I would wish to be…

so please dont make

me a hate

and before it is to late

ask your mind

what you tolerate

and what is the key

hate or love

by nicc cooling

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