(May 17,1970 / Atlanta, Georgia, United States)


She is my mistress.
I sneak out every night
To gaze on her,
Take her all in

The disrupter,
A peace breaker,
She brings everything carnal
And dumps it in my veins.

Soft glow across your neck
Flowing from your cheek
Cascading across your breasts...
She knows I must have you.

The lady has her fun at it
Up there so far removed
Snickering like a blushing child.

I don't care if she sees.
I don't mind if she spies on me
Making myself giddy
On your passion.

Hearing you make that sound
When the moment is almost so complete
Is the only wicked pleasure
The Moon and I share.

by Tsani Jones

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This is a real confuser for me Tsani, the voice keeps flipping from mistress to wife. You men always want the moon and more! Nice write, but I prefer the all in one role, much practiced FanTaiSee! winking at you.