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Mists Of Poetry
FK Frederick Kesner (28 August / St. Thomas University Hospital)

Mists Of Poetry

For us there is an expression
Of significant emotions
Emotion is alive in poems
Not in the poet's dark stained past.

Emotions are not personal,
Art is also not personal;
What he writes is not Life itself
But Life's emotion translated.

Poetry is not seen or heard
But to be seen through & heard from;
It shows us a picture, tells a tale
Though that is not it in itself.

You who doubt of this being so
But have a mind to conceive thoughts
And sensibilities to feel
The disorder, the futility,

Meaninglessness and suffering,
The mysteries of existence -
You and only you will find peace:
In poems we are all reconciled.


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Comments (8)

Perfectly penned, Fredrick! !
That is a powerful evaluation of poetry, and I really enjoyed it. The depth of your perception is astonishing. It is a gift to have that level of imagery within your portrayal Best Regards Steve
very thoughtful and meaningful!
Nicely penned lines etched to remain, the true meaning of a poets soul.
Wonderfully penned Images of the very essence of poetry Poetry Personified
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