Mistyraine's Nurse

mommy can we go to the hospital today
can we go see my nurse
i really miss my nurse mommy
she took such good care of me when i was sick
do you remember her mommy
the one who took care of me
back when i was dehydrated
can we go see her please mommy
the one that you say
has the same name as my aunt in oklahoma
i really would like to go see if she is working today
i just want to stop by and say hi
i know she works at the hospital you work at mommy
can we please go see her
so i can tell her thank you for taking care of me again
i really do like my nurse mommy
can we please go now
i promise not to be long
just a quick hello and how are you
i even want to give her a hug
that is all i want to do
when i go see my nurse
so mommy can we please go see my nurse

by Grace Hays

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This poem is written from the perpective of your daughter, which makes it so very unique... great job! : -)