QT (July 23,1989 / Miami, FL)


Quoting someone who believed Misunderstood don't have to be explained, Therefore there's no need to explain me; why define who i am to the world when the world does not have the eyes to see the real me?
Many people don't understand me, nor the way that i think, but is my way the wrong way; funny because it was told to me there's no wrong or right way of doing things when its what you want to do.
Am i consider misunderstood because society limits themselves to possibility, or adventure that can take them above and beyond?
If even you don't have the answer how could my path in life be determined as right or wrong?
I have my own melody to a song i hate the radio so i don't sing along, i write my own novels because other stories i cant relate to, i walk in my on path because to many people follow others footsteps, i wear undefined clothes with no meaning just to throw off those trying to read an place labels on me, i wear socks just because i know my footprints wouldn't leave traces of where I've been or plan to go, i wear shades to keep my identity sacred for those who are in search of who they are, I'm so anti-social and secretive because I've learned that people will take what little they know or may not know and cause ciaos, And i walk alone because there's no one like me an because I'm misunderstood by the world.therefore no one can follow a person who they don't understand or someone that lives by their own demands.-
They despise me for the fact im not like others eating out the palm of their hands.

by Queen Taz

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the descriptive self...impressively figurative...10/10