Did she love him?
Oh she loved him like no other
She would smile through the tears
She would smile through the pain
She would smile through the fear
She would smile nothing could bring her down
Heart so full and not of lust
Heart full of love
Untouched body awaiting a gentle thrust
Marry me?
Oh marriage was the answer to such perfect love
Hand shaking
Ring to delicate upon her finger
Face full of trust
How does it end?
It ends with a cold night
When he committed a sin
Touched another woman’s waste
Pushed his love in between her legs
What did she do?
She stood there and waited
Made him finish
Stood there with her hands on her hips
Made him kiss her lips
Made him promise to never do it again
Made him leave the room for a moment
Looked into the woman’s eyes asked her why?
She kissed the woman
Touch her body
Caressed her breast
Felt up on her and sucked her skin
Made the woman do the same…
How did the night end?
She left him ends up the woman liked her body as well
Ends up they both felt each others skin and loved every moment
Every explosion of release of pleasure
He ended up without either woman
Did she love him?
Once upon a time until she found a woman to make her scream out all night
So the story goes a man has the perfect girl and lost her to another of her kind

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