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Misunderstood To Understand
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Misunderstood To Understand

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

When I came to you naked.
Baring every fault and blemish.
I expected you to accept,
My honesty and respect for you.
I think you misunderstood,
My intention.
And the meaning of my truth,
I wanted to expose to you.
This to you I explained.

Now that time has passed.
And you called to say,
You completely understand.
Wish you took more time,
Comprehending what I meant.
Showing up at my door,
Is not what I meant,
By baring every fault and blemish.

Come on inside and let's talk.
I'm sure we can come to agree,
Why the birds and bees...
Are very important in both our lives.
Especially since it has been awhile,
Since we have had those discussions.
First let me go get you a bathrobe.
To begin our discussion.
Slowly catch up on those times we missed,
Being misunderstood.

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