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Mixed Feelings
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Mixed Feelings

Poem By Dismembered Car

When you said yes I couldn't help but smile
And when I was with you my heart was warm
I'd sit at home just waiting for you to call
And when you did I felt love
But when I asked you out you said no
I didn't understand why
And I still don't know
You're so wonderful and I'm undeserving
But I know that I want you in my arms
I want to hold you close
But now it will never work
I thought we could be special
Now I'm lost searching for the answers
And I've become lost in my mind

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Comments (3)

nice i guess.. so I will vote for it ok
Aww how sad, i would say what the last comment said but if the girl said no you cant force someone to go out with you, stay strong, she may change her mind but if not you will find someone else.
Approach her, and tell her how you feel.