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Mixed Fruit
( / Connecticut)

Mixed Fruit

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Why should I paint you a full picture,
When the giving of a scent will provide the hint...
Of every detail.
Saving me time.
Additional words to attempt to define...
What you should already know.
Life is becomong more like a bowl of mixed fruit.

I don't care what language it is you speak.
And a picture may paint a thousand words.
I've heard all of that before.
But if you can not smell what is in the air today,
And you are needing an interpreter...
There is more than delusions going on inside your head.
A numbing of it is what I would suggest.
Do not waste a cent on seeking help.

The tasting is in the pudding.
And the freshness of the fruit can not be guaranteed.
But what is evident...
Those making attempts to influence with control,
Are the ones out of their minds.
And time is the teacher that will present that lesson.

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