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Mixed Up, Confused And Empty Headed
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Mixed Up, Confused And Empty Headed

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

My needs to have tomorrow,
Already delayed to anticipate...
To satisfy the emergency.
Is not going to fade away those needs.
The day that 'tomorrow' comes.
Or days after to fulfill and end them.
Only those with minds attached to reality,
Will understand that without explanations!

"I heard that.
Do you think I am deaf? "

Either way not to understand,
What it is you can not do.
The difference to make,
Has already wasted too much time.
Either way you look at it.
From wherever it may be,
You 'possibly' receive the message.

So now,
I'm from another planet?
Mixed up, confused and empty headed."

Could be.
And I'm willing to bet,
That's why you are here.
They couldn't get into your head, either.
God bless us all!

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