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If You Lie You Fly That's It
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

If You Lie You Fly That's It

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

I like those low things!
Those distractions that attract.
The ones glimpsed when passed...
That capture and grasp,
When looking back.
With a smacking of the lips,
And receiving a tease for 'that'.

I like those low things...
That satisfy as a snack.
Those things one gives up,
To stay on a diet.
The ones that puts pounds,
On one's back.

Those things when eaten...
Convinces until I'm trapped!
Telling my mind...
Just a taste will not make me,
Or anyone
Notice an inch of sweated fat.

Sneaking pieces to munch,
I do alone at home!
While telling others they should avoid,
Going near that crap.
As a satisfaction inside me moans.
Although with a bit of guilt...
I secretly condone!

I like those low things...
To nibble before I nap!
And at the early crack of dawn,
I make sure I'm not seen,
Exercising off my temptations.
Struggling with attempts, I do
To keep myself lean!
Feeling a self condemnation.
How I like those low things!

What is she doing?

'Good Morning, Ms Barclay.
No thank you.
No breakfast for me.
I am on a very strict regimen.
Have a good day! '

My goodness!
Why is she cooking those...
Virginia sausages!
And at this hour?

I like those low things!
And the fulfillment,
Those low things bring.

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