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Poem By Edna St. Vincent Millay

These wet rocks where the tide has been,
Barnacled white and weeded brown
And slimed beneath to a beautiful green,
These wet rocks where the tide went down
Will show again when the tide is high
Faint and perilous, far from shore,
No place to dream, but a place to die,—
The bottom of the sea once more.
There was a child that wandered through
A giant's empty house all day,—
House full of wonderful things and new,
But no fit place for a child to play.

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I don't know I'm trying to answer some questions and idk if this helps me Edna st. Vincent millays poemlove is not all is characterized as a sonnet because? It is about love? It was inspired by Shakespeare Of its specific length and rhyme scheme Millay only wrote sonnets I'm sorry I just want help and my brainly account reseted and my peeranswer re setted and it's just all messed up so thought I'd ask here.. I don't know if you'll help me or not but please
Wonderful poem on love...Thanks for sharing
Love the comparison the poet uses in this great poem.