Hurt (To My Husband)

How can you hurt me?
And feel nothing at all
And fail on your promise
To catch me when I fall?

Does it make you feel better?
When you call me bad names
Does it boost your ego?
So you don’t feel no pain?

I was always so proud
To be your wife
And had all these dreams with you
Of a wonderful life

But when you walked out
And gave up without trying
You took a piece of my heart
And left me with crying

We're over, we're done
You no longer care
You made your decision
How it that fair?

You shut down and turned off
Every feeling you had
And left me with regrets
And memories we had

I’ve tried and tried
And you keep saying were through
It makes me wonder
Did I ever matter to you?

How can you hurt someone?
You promised to always love
And act like it doesn’t bother you
When it’s obvious it does

But you’ve made this choice
And it doesn’t matter that I’m blue
And I’m crazy to say this
But I’ll always love you!

by Beverly Brown

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