Mob.Time And Calls.

Time, wonderful time, the life time
Ever we are in hurry to save time
The speedy life, and more work
A decent life with an earning job
Time makes it important, and fast.
The early morning, time going fast
Catching a bus or conveyance difficult
Unless we are fast to reach in time
Time the schedule of time in such speed
Where office, factory, and train timings
Always time a more super power on humans
Wisest of means in reckoning time
The wrist watches we cared and dependent
But now the mob.phones are showing time
where it reminds us to awake in early hours
And repeating its calls for our schedules
Mob.time became a solution for homes
Where it was a cock before advent of clock
A terrible alarm bell rings from the clock
Which is changed to to call in time.

by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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