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Moby Duck(Being A Birthday Poem For Freeda)
(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Moby Duck(Being A Birthday Poem For Freeda)

Call me...fish meal!

The wind caught my yacht
turning her Nor' by Nor' Westward!


Sunlight & water
became dancing diamonds.

My toy boat
cut redly through

the ripples
of Time

(still in my mind)

its white sails
blossoming with the breeze

me proud & pleased

with her


alas she was

by a passing
great white myopic quacking duck.

Of all the...luck!

My tears & a long long stick
trying to retrieve

the shipwreck
of my joy

from the dead centre
of the pond

just beyond

Now not a birthday goes by
(from the man of now all the way back to that crying little boy)

that I don't
cry & curse

the lonely seas
& the skies:

'Moby Duck! '

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Comments (4)

AS ALWAYS, your sensativity to the memories of childhood...any child's childhood! are outstanding. It doesn't matter if it is for June or Brian, Tilly or yourself...you travel the roads of memory and bring forth the things that WERE with such beauty. The feelings, the emotions of the child live on in the Man...Man! !
Great idea to play on the names of Moby Dick and Ishmael, Dónall!
Without to use the objects simply as metaphors, you show a great respect to every living and non living creature and bring to life the wind, the yacht, creating a wonderful vivid picture. You have an exceptional sensibility and receptivity, almost childish eyes for the world around....
Look forward to reading your trials and tribulations with King Dong. Seriously enjoyed a poem not in iambic pentameters that's also not about god or love.