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Be not deceived, GOD cannot be mocked
A man will always reap what he sows
GOD is no fool, but man he will be shocked
For what man does, GOD already knows,
If you turn a deaf ear, unto any of GOD’s laws
Your prayers will become an abomination
You will be known for your weakness and your flaws
Woe is you, as you turned to sin and temptation,
I will mock you at your calamity, and also your fear
When dread and disaster comes to overtake you
I will laugh at your misery, your prayer I will not hear
So said GOD with his words so true.
He who believes in GOD, he has eternal life
His soul is protected and his heart sings with a hymn
But he who does not obey the Son, shall know only strife
And the wrath of GOD, will always abide on him.

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