Modern Day Robinson Crusoe

shipwrecked -
my vessel
visible below
where in panic I beached it at this unknown shore

upon a deserted hillside I now sit
above the roar and buffeting winds,
a lone bumble bee politely navigates by
to a nearby nectar port-of-call

the grass softly begs me to lay and visit
when up to my ears an angry horn blasts
I regard again
the sea of cars rolling past
and scour the horizon
await my tow
and return to civilization

by Chuck Audette

Comments (8)

I was going to say nice fantasy, but actually being shipwrecked would be terrible. I especially like the touch of the bumble-bee with its own agenda.
And where do find a mechanic on a Friday afternoon?
great story. cant say more than i think its great! al
A momentary daydream for your privileged reader. Superb. t x
Like the way you've refined this, the nautical imagery and language serve their purpose well and mislead the reader to the end. Particularly like the image you created of 'the sea of cars rolling past'. Justine
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