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Modern Love
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Modern Love

Your beauty is unmatched
by all that I see.
The way you move,
so gracefully.
The sound of your voice
upon my ear.
The words you speak
I hold so dear.
The scent of the air
as you pass me by.
My heart starts to race,
beating harder inside.
The touch of your flesh
against my skin,
as I pull the string
and the lights go dim.
Our bodies embrace
in a clash of sweat.
Holding you tight
against my chest.
Pulsing and surging
beneath the sheets.
The moans of pleasure
so bitter sweet.
For hour upon hours
our bodies entwine.
In physical lust
and state of mind.
But the sun is almost up
and the time is near.
For me to get home,
to my wife, my dear!

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