Modern Love

On the radio,
at school,
in the streets,
all you hear are stories about drugs, violence, love, sex
One night stands, club hookups, gun on the side,
BOOM fck you, you're dead.
Chick running around confused,
giving up her body for the cash and the fake love.
Boy cuffing a girl, shoot anyone who steals her,
'there's goes my baby'.. what an excuse.
Getting high after the downfall
Few drinks ain't gonna do ishh, right?
Yeah, that's what you thought until that soon-to-be mommy get run over
by your stupid car.
Yet, you feel no regrets. Take no responsibility.
Just 'blame it on the alcohol'
that's always the way to go..
Another girl by your side, another Love song to be sung.
You think you've finally found the one
until the next day you see her with the other guy.
Anger rises up, maybe a few violence,
then here goes another stupid Breakup song.
Lonely, depression, regrets..
Yupp, that's how it works.
And again, and again,
the cycle reproduces.
The world is a horrible place.
The precious words that used to be shared between sole mates and lovers,
now have worthless values.
Yeah, you can 'love' your girl,
yeah you can 'love' your boy,
just like it is easy to break a heart,
and kill a life.

If it isn't clear enough,
love nowadays is a game.
You're lucky enough if you survive.

by Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer

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Brilliant. I completely agree with you. Love is a friken game. We are all meant to be played.