Hope You Find It In Your Heart 1 Day...

I hope you find it in your

To forgive me if i have
done wrong to you.
I hope you find it in your
heart to forgive me. I just
hope you understand i
was trying to give you love and life,
giving you the best i could
as a parent, risking our
lives yet you always
seemed to have a smile on
your face and i thought joy is what you had.

You, you gave in
and i never thought it had
gone so deep inside your
heart. We thought you were too young we thought you werent ready

I risked my life and
everyones life thinking it
will help you. Hope you
will find it in you.

How many times have you
said i wish i could make
you proud but 1 day was
enough at it was all gone.

I hardly recognised you
were my only child my
daughter my son my
father, mother.
I have been here and
there doing right and
wrong to make sure you
get there but if you find
fault in me forgive me

I only apeared to be an enemy than a loving adult to you. Building high walls and castles thinking i am realy making you someone yet i made you something i wouldnt be proud of by a certain choice.

I always said crime doesnt pay, yet gave in as sex slave, drug eddict. Tears were rolling you crying lying there after an event me wishing and thinking of telling i was hoping to, yet the man from nowhere couldnt keep his door of flying swords shut to himself

as a parent i had to tell you im not your real father/mother and i thought i had to protect you from the TRUTH

i hope you find it in your heart...

by Ernest Makuakua

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