She Is My Angel

She is my Angel, my heavenly Girl this gift from God; hands himself. She is my baby, my teddy bear, as I glaze into her eyes I can feel what I need to share.

Her love is amazing it has caught my soul “yes I am only sixteen but I truly know, ” she is a blessing that fell on my closed eyes and opened them up to a beautiful surprise.

She is my angel born for the flight God sent her to me because I needed the light.

My eyes was searching for something in my life what a present she is even if all is not right.

A Loving angel is what she is; I love her and my life I will give.

She is what she is and this I cannot lay, she takes my thoughts and makes me cry.

The thought of my world without her will never be I cannot see myself without her.

My angels wings are like soft clouds dancing in the sky, her eyes will hold my soul and from this point I am never alone.

She blessed me with the beauty of the day and the feeling of peace surpasses my heart there will be no tribulations today.

I know that we will never be part.

Each day is a blessing; we are blessed to see tomorrow, blessed to learn from yesterday’s mistakes and blessed to enjoy the beauty of today.

by Kimbaline Navas (she who waits)

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