For My Teenage Daughter Lexus

Here is a heartfelt story for a Lexus,
Bigger than the lone star state Texas,
I do not mean that expensive luxury car,
This Lexus is my ride on a shining star.

My teenager is such a wonderful young lady,
FYI, no matter how old she’ll still be my baby,
As the saying goes, the apple of my eye,
Excited and eagerly waiting to tell you why.

Since this bonding of mother & daughter,
Is maturing to become all the stronger,
I could stand here and never be done,
However, I know I’m not the only one.

As many proud parents are here to see,
Strengthened in a growing love, grateful are we,
Paying homage to our children naturally,
By the Blood of the Lamb sealed through reality.

I’ll make use of the remaining amount of time,
Highlighting prominent things coming to mind,
It does my heart good to come here confessing,
This child has been a Holy Spirit filled blessing.

Formed in the distant heavens above,
An eternal image because God so loved,
Long before our earthly time began,
Consecrated at Calvary by the Son of Man.

The love of Christ Jesus is surrounded with grace,
By a smile sweetheart, you always put on my face.
Unmerited mercy from our Creator that only gets better,
The some total of which will last from now until forever.

Remember the time your Pamper was overly wet?
Of course not, you were a toddler so I too should forget,
The clock is running low, let’s get back to the serious side,
The reason I stand before everyone, beaming with pride.

From the very beginning when you answered the call,
2nd honors in academics before the crossover in basketball,
Elated because you understood when running this race,
Everything needed a proper perspective put in it’s place.

Not an hour or single day in fifteen years has gone by,
When I have ever felt the need to stop and wonder why,
Humble as I speak before my Christian sisters & brothers,
Thank the Lord for you Lexus, love always, Marchon your mother.

w/Marchon Barber

by Luke Easter

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