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Modern Love
DS (270552 / Australia)

Modern Love

Poem By David SmithWhite

In a land of virtual strangers;
in an alien cyberspace.
We search for human contact,
and pray in vain for grace.

In the realm of temporal dangers:
life's cut and thrust and chase.
Overwhelmed by speeding changes,
to long for love's embrace.

In the manners of estrangement,
we haunt the database.
To customize arrangements,
as to time and place.

The curious assignation,
the secret rendeavous.
For lovers of a mystery,
and that means me and you.

I'll meet you at the fountain,
of your favourite public park.
I'd rather there, than downtown where,
fear may lurk in dark.

For there's terror in the shadows,
while panic stalks the night.
And we'll all be closing windows,
against the dying light.

Down highways of derangement.
Lost in a no-man's land.
The rituals of engagement,
and the pimps of cyberspam.

From the crossroads of arraignment,
to the trials that go to plan.
A world of entertainment.
Modern love for modern man!

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Comments (1)

I think this poem is wonderful David. I'm suprised more people haven't taken notice. Great work (and a very good description of today's world.) Sincerely, Mary