(26 DEC 1943 / Wyandotte MI)

Modern Narcissus

Narcissus leaned forward
to better view his matchless beauty
and tumbled to watery doom.

Beloved America,
how far can we lean in self adoration
before our coasts tilt into the seas?

July, 2006

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I do so like how you express yourself, Robert, and I'd like to echo everything that Denis Joe said. I adore the intelligence of this and frankly, too, the absence of anger. Anger, it seems to me, most often breeds only itself in response. Let us hope that the wisdom you've offered will do the same. Perhaps though - we really ought take a good long look at our own reflection periodically. I'd like to think we'd not be so blind as to ignore the truth of what we find staring back at us, you know? Christine
Both heart and mind lump in my throat at this, particularly at a time when temps veer from 78 down to 38 in less than 12 hrs. What kind of earth is this for the meek to inherit? Or our children, for that matter. Well said, sad to say...
Stems from a deep and genuine concern for your country, its people and their direction. Europe is no better Robert - it's probably world wide. The simple, good and decent things such as fundamental moral principles and the cost of defending them once upon a time, are all taken for granted now. Shallowness is the order of the day. A poignant very potently expressed lament. So much can change for the worse in just a few generations. Maybe it's a basic human nature problem. Do we need imminent threat or serious challenge to restore us to a more dignified condition? But all is not lost when there are still people around like yourself who still believe, and who make their point so effectively. Another important reminder. jim
America the beautiful-sort of the modern Roman Empire. Of course, just like them with all their great architecture marvels, even a working sewer system, there was still the awful stench that pervaded the air. GWG
Robert, I've always wanted to write a narcissus poem, and now I find you've already written it. Sublime, strong, like moon pulling tides. phillip
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