........ Modern Poetry

Is to get my ideas into main stream Media before the rest
mental illness, global warming
new ideas on education,
recognizing the gifted children.
Realize that most people don't have what it takes
to make decisions that
ultimately hurt the rest of humanity.
Developing a better
understanding of human genetic dead ends
so we can weed out racism and the other poison minds.
Implementing a better and more fairer
form of criminal justice.
I mean if they legalize marijuana will you smoke it, though you drink?
Making sure that all of the corrupt politician's
receive mandatory prison sentences
that exceed
those by three fold
that the average citizen would receive.
Legislation on educating the masses on the
far range consequences
of implementing new laws where said laws
are designed
to cause the masses to turn
upon one another as stupid people do.
Helping people understand that the American dream
is predicated on how much money
each year is printed.
Realize that a culture based on violence
instead of knowledge
undermines the concept of sound judgement.
People have more value than a dog or cat
and the concept of the opposite being true is an example
of how convoluted human thought can be.
That science trumps evolution as it does and will.
For if you hold it back then those whom would,
should have no say
or be able to parent children that will grow up to be confused.
One pie two people each get half not one pie will feed
twenty people some one up stairs
will bake the rest.
Do not be offended by the truth you made, become involved
on how to advance the human race.
By being first.

by James McLain

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