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Modern Poetry And Stuff

I send my friend a poem every day,
It has become a sort of habit now.
There's some she likes and some she throws away,
Including all the ones with 'thee' and 'thou'

So out goes noble Shakespeare, which is tough,
And Milton, Marvell, Wordsworth and his school.
That's why I only send the modern stuff,
The ones I think she'll find are ‘aite’ or ‘cool’.

My problem is they're getting hard to find
So what I'll do is send a Shakespeare sonnet,
’cos I don’t think she’s really going to mind —
Not if I put Bukowski's name upon it!

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A great idea by the way! I'll try it out with my students :)
Hee hee hee! I have to admit, I do prefer the modern stuff - but one day, they'll be 'classics' too. And I'd hate to be without Dante or Donne. Hugs Anna xxx