SMA ( / Durhan, NC, USA)

Modern Times

It is with profane reverence that I sit in front of this square box.
The miracle of the century she is called, and she is.
Turn on a switch and a whole new world is in front of you.
There are no limits to what she is able to do.
Knowing that pressing a switch and giving certain commands,
I have a slave for life, makes me feel very powerful.
For she cannot refuse orders, cannot show discontent either,
and if she tries, I turn the switch off.
Somehow I can relate to her.
I am a robot too, I cannot have feelings anymore.
If this is not life at work, then I am a fool.
This is what is expected today, for each person to be
an extension of one’s computer and if one does not comply the switch is
turned off . . .

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