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Molecules Of May
SL ( / Cincinnati, OH)

Molecules Of May

There is a god and he is waiting to be heard
Embraced as more than an advisory role
Open to ideas and options
Freedom and reform

The earth has erupted and spewed forth an age of information
Transmitting data in place of matter
Lies in place of reason
Unlocked behind these equations
There is a pattern
A stitching of fact and myth
Modern folklore for the disbelieving
Those who know the tricks of the eye
A whole generation keen on the ability of their authorities
When the master sleeps

Revolution is dead; floating in the radio waves
Dodging decay from the deepness of the water
Where not even parasites can survive
Not even heretics can pray aloud

For rescue from the hands of their beseechers

Engulfed by the one-sided two headed coin
That collects the tax and calls you up for war
And wages the agenda of wrath called for by the antichrist
In the name of our lord you read the names and execute our sons
You call out the those who have sinned before your eyes
To parade the altar; you, with your humiliation tactics

One minute ago it seemed the same
As if the earth would never change
Now the moments have no boundaries
These clocks have no purpose
For time is now infinite
Open for the future of man
If we could only set aside our crutches and crawl together!

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