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Molehill Dwellers
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Molehill Dwellers

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Some influential molehill dwellers,
Constructing more barrels for their crabs to live...
Turned their backs to do and insult,
The ones who came to periodically visit...
And from surrounding mountaintops,
Where they comfortably sat to sit.

On these visits they would often chat,
With a doing to suggest 'and' recommend...
As to how others too,
Could reach mountaintops with effort 'if' they choose.
But the ones accustomed to limited light,
Refused and decided to turn their backs.
Perceiving those visiting from their mountaintops,
Only came to visit to drop hints that offended them.

But this had not been the case.
Many who journeyed to live high on mountaintops,
Loved the view and wanted to share it too!
Although cut short their visits,
When it became misunderstood their intentions were good.

'Did you hear what they had the nerve to say?
That 'if' we would listen we would comprehend.
But most of us are too addicted,
In living behind shadows with little light coming in.'

I heard that too.
And immediately I became appalled.
Let's go back to building more barrels.
There is a long list of crabs awaiting to move in.~

'Why so many? '

~Who knows?
Maybe it's the economy.
Many know of no other environment.
And besides...
Where else would they go,
To find gossip, backstabbing and deception...
Better than it is done right here.~

I never thought of it that way.
That's why our barrel building business,
Stays to remain successful.'

~Why are you the last to know,
What everyone else has known?
Have you made visits to mountaintops? ~

Only to see if they could use a few barrels!
That's all.
One never knows,
Who may become tired of such beautiful views.
It's all about business as far as I'm concerned.'

You're sure of that? ~

'Of course.
Why wouldn't I be? '

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