Molested Humans Are The Norm

Rape will always be rape, be it 'stranger' or 'friend, '
Be it soldier or priest; it is still about shame!
Just a dollop of power and perps seek the weak,
And their purpose is always to sully one's name.

Dreams of rape invite prey to be victim no more,
For the weak ones 'recovered, ' now bring others pain,
True, some scapegoats get punished, the few who get caught,
But the truth is quite simple; our species not sane!

Rape's no longer just physical, now social norm,
Every bride that sells self or sold, womb's meant for birth,
While society screws hapless men sent to war,
Robbing all souls of empathy, scourging the earth.

Anyone claiming they're 'untouched' likely a liar,
Be you son or a daughter; there's price to be paid.
A child born out of wedlock has bastard for dad,
But there's never a winner in such escapade.

It's no wonder some leaders look like Donald Trump,
The high priest of the angry, he laughs at their trust,
Likely raped by his family, wanting revenge?
The psychotic just laugh, need no psychiatrist.

Long Tooth
August 5,2017

by Long Tooth

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