(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Mollie The Baby Calf

It looked like a storm was brewing
Dark clouds were ominous, it’s true
Such stillness was in the air as well
And I think you would feel it too

Poor little Mollie was very scared
Not sure what would happen to her
Mom was standing near, of course
Mollie pressed closely against her fur

The sky grew darker by the minute
Only a little purple and pink could be seen
The night was changing to a nightmare
Looking so angry and utterly mean

Thank goodness Mollie had Mom
And as time went on through the night
Mollie had a little bit to eat
It was a pleasant and wonderful sight

The sky continued to build its storm
But there wasn’t a thing could be done
Of course tomorrow is another day
And I’m sure it’ll bring out the sun!

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